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This is my blog. Doesn’t seem sufficient enough to sum it up.

Really, it’s my therapy but, in being such, I hope it could maybe be someone else’s too. Even if it’s an audience of one.The world can be scary, in many different ways and sometimes, feeling like you’re the only person in the world can be the scariest of all. Whatever age you are, wherever you come from, one of the worst things to happen or even just to worry about, is to lose someone you love. Some of us lose more than others but, it doesn’t make our pain any different. For me, it was my parents, my best friend and others we’ll hopefully mention along the way.

With humour and with continuing love, there is always another side. You will always be OK , one way or another and there is always someone to talk to, someone to listen and most importantly, someone to make you smile.

Never give up, ride the roller coaster and hopefully a little bit of you will be left to be remembered forever by, those that matter the most. As i am hoping to do with my blog.

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  1. Loved your last blog. Liked the way your counsellor got you to accept the past and enjoy the present. It is sad to lose your parents but focus on the wonderful times you had. Your children will have all those marvellous times that you and Tristan have given them..they are so lucky..wish I had had parents that loved me but then, I have a husband that adores me so you can’t win them all..although you’re not doing badly on that front. xxxx

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