Dear Caitlin

Dear Caitlin

I am not going to spend any more time on this once this particular post is finished but, I can not and will not let something go without response that ultimately, my children will read. If you have read my blog from the beginning, you will know that this is entirely the point of its creation.

As I have said from the start, I have written this blog as a therapy, to be cathartic and to reflect the personal experiences of my family life as a child and how I am affected now. It is much easier to clear your mind of anxieties by writing them down and it is something that I have also instilled in my daughter who is an enormous worrier. However, I would not say anything behind someones back that I would not say to their face. If you know me well, you will know this to be true.

There is absolutely no way that it is possible to write about your own experiences without some semblance of self obsession and as I have always said honestly and truthfully, I have loved the response I have had from people following my blog. If I said it didn’t make me feel good, I would be a liar. I am also a woman…I need give no more explanation there!

I will not and have not ever written anything about my personal life regarding me and my children because that would not be fair. There has to be a level of respect. I did not start this blog for that reason. I started it because I had reached a point in my life where everything had got too much for me and I needed some help. I will continue with this president because I wish for my children to be proud of me and when I am no longer here, to have something with which they can look at and smile. Not to see bitterness and accusation that may remind them of a time in their life that was extremely complicated for them. Particularly when your older child is having trouble comprehending that Olly Murs may actually prefer boys to girls.

Dear Caitlin

Sometimes you just have to smile and move on.

The comment that you left was unfathomably nasty and rather than delete it , I published it, for everyone to see. I spent a number of hours sobbing and felt that my heart had been ripped in two because of what you said but, only for a short time as I have a life to live. I also have children to raise. I hope it makes you feel clever and that your obvious ‘loyalty’ has shown you to be such a truly wonderful person (this statement should be read sarcastically) When I find out your identity, which I will do (ooo, I went all Taken there…) I shall deal with it personally and appropriately, in the way it should have been addressed initially. However, please know that if you are involved in my children’s lives in any way, I will ensure that they have nothing more to do with you. This is because I would like to bring them up with kindness and thoughtfulness and if that means a little self obsession too, well, us girls will live with that!!

3 thoughts on “Dear Caitlin

  1. Good for you Shu. I think you are so brave to put so much of your troubled life into words, Please keep up the blog I know from reading some of the comments made so far that it has helped a lot of people feel that they are not alone in having a tough time coping with what life throws at them. The person that put the nasty comment should feel ashamed. I am sure that they will receive their just rewards. My motto is Do as you would be done by. You only get back what you give out, I am sure he/she will get back what they deserve.

  2. Just found the ‘odd’ comment. Ahh, heart warming!! If you need any help tracing, I have pretty awesome techy pals. X

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